Pat’s Ikebana

Welcome to the world of Sogetsu ikebana!

It is an exciting and rewarding world, and I find enormous pleasure and satisfaction in the creation of beautiful ikebana arrangements out of flowers and other natural materials.

You can share in these happy experiences by taking classes and participating in the activities of the local Sogetsu branch, including workshops and exhibitions.

We are very fortunate to have such an abundant supply of natural materials in our subtropical area of Brisbane and the south east of Queensland, and in the Gallery you can see examples of the use of that material.

My name is Pat Mackie and information about what Sogetsu Ikebana is, the classes that I run, their timing and current news are given in the drop down menu in the Sogetsu ikebana page.

Classes are held in my studio at home in Jindalee, Brisbane.

I look forward to you participating in the practice of Sogetsu ikebana. In doing so, you will learn more about both nature and yourself.